Jumping off of the Startup Cliff

Here we go!

We’ve been working the past 3 months with our amazing team on building the Startup Foundation!

Our ambitious goal? Creating jobs and entrepreneurs across the world!

How? By doing what we do best (@startupweekend) letting the grass root community taking care of itself.We believe in a bottom-up approach. It’s time to show how great the startup communities are around the world. We need your help, to make this happen… But don’t worry, all we’re asking the community for is “how we can help!”. Confused? check each city site, if you’re a community leader feel free to add your initiatives, looking for some $ to launch an event, or looking for someone to help… just add it there. If you’re not a community leader (yet) take some time to see how you can help the community!

We’re also mapping the ec0-system on our very simple ecosystem-map, feel free to report any missing initiatives! We are trying to show the main and most impactfull projects, that helps every city to move furver in the entrepreneurial world…

Stay tuned for our first publications…

The Statupfdn team